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What Services are provided by Cartwright Drilling?

Cartwright Drilling, is a privately held independent contractor providing Surface Diamond Drilling services to the mining industry throughout Canada and Overseas. The drilling services we provide are Diamond Core Drilling: Solid core extraction by using Diamond Drill bits at the end of the rods.

What is Mineral Exploration?

Exploration Drilling (a.k.a Diamond Drilling)

  • The process of extracting rock samples from the ground  which provides geological information to our clients
  • This information tells what kind of minerals exist in the specified target, as well as quality and quantity of these minerals

What is Surface Exploration?

  • True Exploration: No mine site, initial property drilling to see what minerals are present and in what quantity and quality they exist.
  • This drilling is completed by Surface Drills, either skid or truck mounted or Heli-portable drill rigs. Hole depths can reach 5,000ft.

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What equipment is used for Diamond Core Drilling?

Cartwright Drilling builds / modifies their Drill Rigs:

Surface Drills

What services are these types of drills used for?

• Surface Drilling
• Heliportable Drilling or Skid Mounted Drilling

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Job Description

Do you know what you are applying for?

Job Title: Drill Helper
Reports to: Driller and Job Foreman
Assists driller in drilling operations

• Physically & Mentally Demanding
• Long Shifts & repetitious work weeks
• At times there can be uncomfortable work stations
• Heat Breaks and other precautions will be in effect

Will I get dirty?

YES! But there is always a hot shower waiting at the end of the shift.

Will I have to fly and drive?

Yes. Transportation to and from Job may require:

  • Flying: (Helicopters, Planes, Float Planes)
  • Driving: Might be required to drive to a drill location in Company vehicles

What are the requirements of this job?

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Current drivers license
  • Necessary personal protection equipment (PPE)

What is the work schedule?

Cartwright Standard Schedule:

  • 28 days on
  • 14 days off
  • Consecutive 12 hour shifts (44 hours of OT per week)
  • Must be comfortable with working at least 28 days away from home.
    If you haven’t been away much, discuss thoroughly with Family.

What is the payment schedule?

  • Payment Methods:
    Direct Deposit / Mailed Check
  • Pay Periods:
    1-15th: Paid on the 22nd
    16-end of month: Paid on the 7th
  • Bonus paid for a job well done:
    based on $$ per foot drilled and shared amongst the crew
    “Bonus is Bonus”: it can be held for equipment damage, poor decisions, and early dismissal

What benefits will I receive as a Cartwright employee?

After 90 days work at Cartwright, employees can apply for:

  • medical benefits
  • dental benefits

What equipment/supplies will I need?

Cartwright will assist in the purchase of your equipment.

You will be responsible for your own Personal Protective Equipment:

  • Hard Hats
  • Ear Protection
  • Steel toed boots

What accommodations are provided to employees?

Provided accommodations varies from job to job:

  • Hotels
  • Camps
  • Tents

Accommodations are shared. Most often you will share a room with someone on opposite shift. Keep your room clean and tidy.

Where will I be working?

Drilling Locations are located throughout Canada and Overseas.

Why is employment in this industry so attractive?

  • Great compensation; better quality of life for self and family
  • Opportunity to travel worldwide
  • Opportunity to work extended work weeks while away.

What is Cartwright's drug and alcohol policy?

Cartwright Drilling Inc. operates drug and alcohol free work sites. Anyone suspected to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be removed from the job site and may have their employment terminated.

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What will my duties be as a drill helper?

Includes the following and other duties as may be assigned:

  • Moving drill from one setup to another
  • Setting up of drill, decking and other related equipment
  • Setting casing
  • Handling Drill Rods and Core Tubes: Removing loaded tubes out of the hole, loading empty tubes back in
  • Handling chip trays and sample bags, proper marking of samples
  • Assisting with equipment maintenance and repair
  • Cleaning equipment and keeping work area clean and free of debris
  • Mixing Drill Mud
    • Drill Mud; additives for increasing viscosity or lubrication down the hole
    • Helps spin the rods easier and maintain circulation
  • Maintaining water source or source of lubricants (i.e. water lines and supply pumps)
  • Hauling supplies and equipment
  • Using tools, equipment and machinery including pickups, vans, water trucks, tractors, skidders, forklifts, pipe wrenches, fall protection systems and other safety equipment in compliance with Provincial and federal regulations
  • The employee is regularly required to stand, bend and twist, use hands and fingers, handle or feel, talk or hear, and reach above the shoulder with hands and arms
  • The employee is occasionally required to climb, balance, kneel, crouch, crawl, walk and sit
  • The employee regularly performs repetitive work involving use of hands and wrists
  • Handling Core: Removing from tube, placing in core boxes, and labeling boxes

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Skills & Abilities

What skills and abilities will I need for this position?

  • Ability to speak clearly to others and understand directions given
  • Ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide
  • Ability to apply common sense and understanding to carry out detailed and involved written or oral instructions and directions

Do I need any prior experience?

Labor background:

  • Any past labor jobs involving heavy physical labor
    examples: Ranch hands, Commercial Fishermen, Construction, Farmers.
  • Workers who have a solid work ethic

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Physical Demands

What physical demands can I expect?

  • The Employee must frequently (3-6 times/hour) lift and/or move 40 to 70 pounds and occasionally up to 100 pounds
  • Frequent use of pipe wrenches
  • Good hearing is essential
  • The employee is frequently required to walk on uneven or slippery surfaces
  • Vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception and ability to adjust focus
  • Good eye-to-hand coordination is essential
  • The employee is regularly required to climb a ladder
  • Proper safety procedures required
  • Ability to Read and Comprehend Simple Instructions, Short Correspondence and Memos

What are the worksite conditions?

  • Station temperatures can vary from very hot to very cool. Some drill sites can be very uncomfortable.
  • Helping is not a clean job, guaranteed you will get dirty!!!

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What is the Cartwright safety policy?

“Cartwright Drilling will make every effort to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace by adhering to acceptable industry standards and complying with Occupational Health and Safety Legislation.  A healthy and safe workplace will be accomplished in consultation and cooperation with management and employees.  Supervisors, including Drillers, will be held accountable for the health and safety of workers under their supervision.”

What is the Cartwright Safety Vision?

Health and Safety is an integral part of this organization’s everyday business.  It is in the best interest of all to join together and put health and safety principles into practice in all work activities.

What tools will Cartwright provide to ensure my safety?

We commit to providing you the tools required to complete your job safely.
These tools include:

  • On the job training
  • Safe worksite conditions
  • Open door communication
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Safe transportation to and from site

What is expected of me to ensure the safety of myself and others?

  • Complying with all Cartwright Safe standard operating procedures
  • Using safety devices and equipment correctly
  • Reporting any defected tools or equipment to your supervisor
  • Report to supervision for any situation which you cannot correct
  • Lead by example; show your co-workers that you believe….
  • Coach new employees, look out for their well being
  • Do not attempt a task in which you are not qualified to do…
  • Participate in Safety Meetings, your feedback is very important

Also, remember…

  • Be attentive during all training
  • Complete pre-shift inspections
  • Do an act of safety everyday
  • Follow instructions
  • Recognize hazards
  • Safety is our first priority! Make it yours too.
    • Don’t do anything you are not comfortable doing;
    • Notify your driller or foreman if you notice anything unsafe

What are some personal elements that cause accidents?

  • Employee not focused on the job: distracted by something off job
  • Poor Attitude
  • Cutting corners, being lazy
  • Not complying with Cartwright safety procedures, disregarding training
  • Doing something out of the norm….step back and think about it.
  • Failing to communicate, not speaking up.
  • How would you feel if you saw something “unsafe” and did not report it… and someone got injured or even killed? Speak up…we will listen.

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