Posted on Sep 20, 2010 in News

Cartwright Drilling Inc. is a privately owned, independent contractor providing Surface Diamond Drilling services throughout Canada, Greenland, Madagascar and Malawi. Incorporated in 1995 in Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador, Cartwright Drilling has a fleet of 16 fully hydraulic drill rigs that can easily drill to about 1000 meters BTW or 700 meters NQ.

Skid mounted and fully unitized, our rigs are still much lighter than most rigs and consequently can be moved easier and with less environmental disturbance. We are as comfortable and competent on a skid job as we are on a remote chopper job with permafrost conditions.

All of our rigs can be easily converted to be heli-portable and have been modified to improve their efficiency on helicopter contracts, thereby reducing the need for expensive helicopter hours.

Our most recent fleet additions include 1 truck mounted auger rig; 1 Nodwell with backhoe attachments which is suitable for trenching jobs; 2 Dozers; and 2 Snow Cat Trail Groomers to assist with Drill moves.

Our staff at Cartwright Drilling has plenty of experience with deep holes and we can easily upgrade our equipment capabilities when the right opportunity to assist a client presents itself.

We started blogging recently and plan to make this a place where you can read and view pictures of our recent jobs, news, customer testimonials, employee profiles and more.

Best Regards,
Jelle Terpstra
President, Cartwright Drilling Inc.