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Diamond core drilling services are typically done for mineral exploration companies or for junior mining companies, to help them determine what type of ore is underground. We bring long sticks of rock (core) to the surface, that can be analysed in assay labs for its content. The term diamond core drilling is used, because we use diamond impregnated drill bits, but we could be using them to drill for gold, copper, nickel, iron ore, uranium, diamonds and REE’S (Rare Earth Elements).

Most of our geotechnical drilling is done with drill rigs that can use hollow stem or solid augers to sample soil other than bedrock, but can also use diamond core bits to drill into the bedrock. Most of these drilling services are done for geo-technical engineering firms to determine the strength or type of soil or rock for foundation designs mining companies with shallow mineral deposits. Our environmental drill rigs are the same type of combination auger/coring rigs. The are usually required by environmental engineering firms who want to investigate contaminated sites or need to know more about ground water movements under and through dams, etc.

With core drilling we specialize in remote jobs where the drill rigs are moved from hole to hole by helicopter, because no other way of access is possible. Our rigs are specially designed to be assembled and disassembled under a long line of a helicopter. We also have heavy duty steel skids on which these same rigs can be mounted to be dragged from hole to hole by excavator or bulldozer on more accessible sites. About half our jobs are skid-jobs.

Our Fleet


“We specialize in ‘heli-portable’ drill jobs, whereby our rigs are assembled by helicopter long-line and moved by helicopter.”

Permafrost Solutions

“Our drills offer huge water heating savings over most other types of drills.”

Helicopter Capabilities

“Our lightweight drills are designed and built to fit together easily, essential when a helicopter is battling downdrafts and shifting mountain winds.”

Employment Opportunities

At Cartwright Drilling, we recognize that our success depends on our employees. We like to promote from within giving our promising Driller Helpers the chance to become Diamond Drillers resulting in a win-win situation for all. Employees are supported by a Health and Safety Program that provides training in safe work practices. Cartwright Drilling is proud to offer its employees a Group Insurance Benefit Plan. After three successful tours, all employees are eligible to apply for our Group Insurance Benefit Plan which covers Medical, Dental, and Insurance.

If you are interested in employment with a responsible drilling company, please apply online using the button below or feel free to email us a resume at admin@cartwrightdrilling.ca

Cartwright Drilling Inc.

Cartwright Drilling Inc. is a privately owned, independent contractor providing Surface Diamond Core Drilling, Environmental and Geotechnical Drilling services throughout Canada, Greenland, Madagascar and Malawi. Cartwright Drilling Inc. works closely with Claude Roy Drilling Services Inc (www.crdrilling.com) located in Petit Rocher, New Brunswick, Canada. Claude is a former drill foreman and NB branch manager of Cartwright Drilling Inc. who is in the process of taking over the New Brunswick and Quebec operations of Cartwright Drilling Inc.

Cartwright Drilling Inc. also works closely with Missinaibi Drilling Services Ltd. (www.missinaibidrilling.ca) of Timmins, Ontario. Rene Turgeon, a former Cartwright Drilling foreman and Ontario Branch Manager has now started an Aboriginal drilling business with his brother. He is in the process of taking over the Cartwright Drilling operations in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.

Finally Cartwright Drilling Inc. is a significant share holder in an active gold mining operation in Suriname, South America.

Our Current Fleet Consists of:

  • 18 fully hydraulic core drilling rigs (700m)
  • 1 fully hydraulic drill rig (1000m)
  • All core drills can be provided in skid mode or heli-portable mode.
  • CME 45 (Tracks)
  • 2 CME 55 and 75 (Tracks) – Auger, CPT, SPT, core
  • 1 CME 850 (Tracks) – Auger, CPT, SPT, core
  • CME 55 (Truck mount)
  • 3 Dozers
  • 3 Transport Trucks
  • 1 HydraCore Ultra Light Rig

What Our Customers Say About Us

To whom it may concern,
I am pleased to write this letter of support for Cartwright Drilling Incorporated.
We (Platina Resources Limited) contracted Cartwright to drill at our Skaergaard Project in Greenland for the summer months of 2010 and 2011. I was extremely pleased with the performance of Cartwright in such a challenging environment. The drilling performance was excellent, with our target meterage met with ease and ahead of schedule. The quality of the work was also exceptional with good core recovery, and correctly oriented holes with minimal deviation. Logistically Cartwright have been very well prepared with their equipment packed and transported in a fashion that made it easy for us to transfer onto our vessel travelling from Iceland to Greenland. Sufficient spare parts have always been brought along. The personnel have been excellent, extremely professional and highly capable. The drillers are experts and knew their equipment extremely well, and used initiative when adverse drilling conditions were encountered. They also blended very well with the other camp personnel, and were easy to manage. It therefore goes without saying, that I thoroughly recommend the services of Cartwright. It has been a pleasure to work with them, and I hope to do so again in the future.
Thomas Abraham-James
Exploration Manager
Platina Resources Limited
March 16, 2017
George F. Sanders, P.Geo 4062 Consolidation Ave. Bellingham, WA 98229
Jelle Terpstra, President Cartwright Drilling Inc. P.O. Box 1017, Stn. “C” Goose Bay, Labrador, A0P 1C0

Dear Jelle: Rockland Minerals Corporation (International Corona Capital Corporation V.IC) engaged Cartwright Drilling on 3 successful gold and nickel-copper drilling programs in the Schefferville, QC region in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
Cartwright was consistent in providing the very best drillers and crew each time they mobilized.
Schefferville is a very tough place to work. Each time Rockland faced seemingly intractable obstacles, Cartwright responded with flexibility and a can-do attitude. Each time, they got the job done within planned budgets and time frames.
Cartwright is a “say what you do, and do what you say” outfit. Cartwright always worked safely on Rockland projects, and cooperated with Rockland in protecting the environment. Rockland’s dealings with Cartwright were always straight-up, whether in the field or with the main office.
I would strongly recommend Cartwright Drilling for mineral exploration work.
George F. Sanders, P.Geo
Rockland Minerals Corporation
February 3, 2012 To Whom it May Concern:
I am writing this letter at the request of Jelle Terpstra of Cartwright Drilling. I am a partner in Billiken Management Services Inc of Toronto, Ontario. We are a mining exploration consulting firm, managing numerous client projects around Canada, in Mexico and Spain at the moment. We provide a turnkey service in planning and executing exploration programs from grass roots field work to mutli-million dollar diamond drill programs. One of our key programs at the moment is in Pickle Lake, Ontario at the past producing Thierry Mine.
Over the last few years we have implemented several drilling programs in the Pickle Lake area and in Schefferville, Quebec and Cartwright has been our contractor of choice. They have consistently provided excellent service and production on all of the jobs. Jelle is easy to reach at any time, provides a very professional service at excellent rates. The drill crews have been excellent workers and have consistently returned production figures that other companies have not been able to achieve. I expect to be heading back to the field in several areas in mid-march and will be contacting Cartwright as soon as I have the budget in place to begin the next drilling programs. I always request multiple bids on every job, but consistently find Cartwright at the top of my list when price, availability, workmanship and consistent good production are considered.
If you would like to discuss this further with me please do not hesitate to call me at my office.
Brian H. Newton P. Geo. Partner Billiken Management Services Inc. (416) 815-8666
Billiken Management Services

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