Geotechnical Drills

“Cartwright Drilling offers reliable equipment and a work ethic that is unparalleled. We are able to facilitate truck and track mount work and manual crews are also available.”

Cartwright Drilling has been operating geotechnical drill rigs in Newfoundland and Labrador since 2012. We currently have 2 tracked CME 55’s, one tracked CME 75, one tracked Geoprobe 8040DT and one truck-mounted Foremost CT-150 drill rigs in our fleet in our home base Province.

Geotechnical drilling is carried out to determine soil and rock characteristics and in some cases, gather information about the nature and position of the water table from particular sites. Drilling is conducted to assess potential construction sites and to confirm subsurface conditions.

Fully insured and MOL accredited, we leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of excellence. With 15 years experience in the drilling industry we know how to get the job done right. We are able to customize service packages to meet a full spectrum of individual project, drilling, tooling and monitoring requirements. We will ensure that your projects are completed efficiently and to your utmost satisfaction.



Our services include:

▪Drilling methodologies for all geological settings and formations

▪Solid stem and hollow stem auger drilling

▪Casing advancement drilling

▪Inclinometer, thermister, pore-pressure tooling supply and installation

▪Core sampling

▪Surface casing setting

▪Spt sampling

▪Shelby tube sampling

▪Dynamic cone testing

▪Cpt testing

▪Monitoring well installation

▪Recovery well installation

▪Piezometer supply and installation

▪Limited access drilling

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