Manufacturing Facilities

“Our Foremen, Drillers and Drill Helpers are amongst the best in the country. Hard-working, vigilant in their duties and most of all; experienced.”

Having our core-drill rigs manufactured in-house gives us the opportunity to make specific modifications with little to no down time. We constantly upgrade our rigs to the newest technologies, and always stock enough spare parts in our inventory to produce a whole new rig, so that when an unexpected situation arises we are prepared to handle it.

Before our top quality equipment enters the field, it is first inspected by our knowledgeable manufacturing facility staff. Each drill is  rigorously  maintained, prepped and packaged for the field. We also have a geotechnical branch, maintenance shop and core drilling depot in Thunder Bay, ON, Canada, St. John’s, NL, Canada and through subsidiary Hazlo Drilling NV in Paramaribo, Suriname, South America.



Our staff consists of a Mechanical Superintendent, expeditors, mechanics, technicians, welders and labourers; they ensure that every item is fully functioning and safe before it begins its journey to site.