Our Environmental Commitment

“Cartwright Drilling Inc. is committed to conducting all its operations in an environmentally responsible manner and to minimize the risks associated with our activities that may impact the environment.”

Our Environmental

Consideration of environmental impact plays a key role in our decisions at Cartwright Drilling Inc. It is our policy to plan and manage our activities so as to minimize disturbance or other adverse effects on the natural, cultural or community environments in which we operate. To achieve this objective, we conduct our activities to ensure compliance with environmental standards and regulations applicable to our operations. Minimizing hazards to the health and well-being of the community, personnel, and native flora and fauna are essential to our operations.

We prefer to use thin wall (BTW, NTW) coring systems which means less fuel burned per meter than with conventional (BW, NW) wire line systems when drilling or moving. Also, thin wall uses less water and produces fewer cuttings, and less or no rod grease (less mass, pressure and annular space). We will use propane coil stoves even in situations where diesel is somewhat cheaper, to avoid a spillage liability near the water source. We always have absorbent materials and drip pans at our drill sites to rapidly correct small problems before they become major problems.

Our Commitment to Quality

Health & Safety Commitment

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