“We specialize in ‘heli-portable’ drill jobs, whereby our rigs are assembled by helicopter long-line and moved by helicopter.”

Our core drills can be moved by helicopters in components of less than 2000lbs (1835lbs for NQ; 1630lbs for BTW).

For “skid” jobs, our lightweight rigs mean we need smaller mobile equipment and narrower trails to get us to where the drill needs to be which ultimately means lower costs to the client and less environmental disturbance. Our rigs fold to just over 2 meters wide and weigh less than 5000kg. This allows us to put rigs where others can’t go.

If there is a component of the program that has to be done by helicopter, our rigs can be converted to be fully heli-portable within a few hours.

On skid jobs, we hand carry our lighter gasoline or diesel supply pumps into place rather than cause environmental degradation by putting a skidder trail to a pond or stream to deliver a heavy diesel pump. We are able to move from hole to hole when on the ice without the use of any heavy equipment., by means of winching the rig along.
If your next project is one that is difficult to reach, contact us; it is what we specialize in and what makes us one of the best.

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